About us


 “Metal Design” Ltd. is a dynamic, creative and professional team of designers, artists, blacksmiths and craftsmen that will help you realize your most daring ideas for all kinds of forging.

Each order is developed on the basis of individual preferences, and specially developed customer drawings, or products that you can choose from our catalog of forging products.

“Metal Design” Ltd. realizes your wildest ideas using the most sophisticated forging products, what will take care of highly skilled blacksmiths, for whom your work will be carried out with great care and love.

In accordance with your wishes our company will take orders and agree on any developments and will do:
• Fences
• Gates
• Sheds
• Fireplaces
• Lights for the garden
• Doors
• Furniture
• The reconstruction of the metal forging,
• and any other internal or external parts

To all our customers we offer the necessary consultations with designers and architects to work together and provide you with ideas for your implementation.

Our team will provide you with high quality forging, rapid order production, an individual approach to each client, individual and friendly pricing policy, as well as give advice on any issues that may arise during the working process.